Bhutan Tour

8 Days

The Hidden Kingdom of Bhutan

As recently as 1961 all entry into Bhutan was still on horseback. Druk-yul, the land of the thunder dragon is only just emerging from the mists of its self-imposed isolation. The last Shangrila is an exotic land of high mountains and lush valleys, snow clad peaks with clear running springs, a pristine ecology and an incredible wealth of wildlife.

A most striking feature of Bhutan is its architecture. The style and color which characterize every building and house in the kingdom is a distinct source of aesthetic pleasure. The Dzongs themselves – imposing 17th  century structures built on a grand scale without drawing and without a single nail, are outstanding examples of the best in Bhutanese architecture. Patterns of rich colors adorn every wall, beam, pillar and door in traditional splendor.

Nestled deep in the eastern Himalayas between India and Tibet, the simple pleasure that this country offers gives a sense of kinship  with  the people and their love for the land. Essentially  a rural country   with  90 per cent  of the people engaged in agriculture or raising livestock, Bhutan  is predominantly  Buddhist,  practicing the Tantric form of Mahayana Buddhism.


Day 8 :

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Bhutan Tour