How do I enter Nepal?

Nepal can be entered either by flight or by road. It has its first and only international airport in Kathmandu, the capital city. In order for you to enter Nepal via flight, we can help you reserve and book your ticket. Nepal shares its borders with Tibet in the North and with India on the remaining sides. You can enter Nepal through India after checking in at the immigration office whereas the Tibet border with China is not currently in operation after the earthquake and will continue to operate soon.

How do I get VISA for Nepal?

In order to obtain VISA for Nepal, a valid passport and passport size photo is required. The payment for VISA can be down through only a number of currencies that including the US Dollar, Euro, Swiss Franc, etc. The VISA can be obtained at Tribhuwan International Airport, Kathmandu, or at different land borders. To know more about the VISA process, please visit the official site of the Department of Immigration Nepal.

Is Nepal safe to travel to?

Because of the recent earthquake terror, many potential tourists are skeptical about visiting Nepal. But Nepalese government has been working and improving precaution measures against earthquakes. Most parts of Nepal are totally considered safe from earthquakes. Talking about other political and societal factors, Nepalese people are always very welcoming, friendly, and kind towards tourists and guests and the country’s government is also moving towards a stable side.

What kind of accommodation and transportation can we expect in Nepal?

Talking about accommodation services, there is a wide range of hotels available in the city and tourist areas. Five-star hotels, three-star hotels, and International chain hotels are also available. However in rural areas during treks, tea houses, guest houses, homestays, and hotels with basic accommodations are available. Public vehicles, buses, taxis, flights, etc. are also easily available for transportation.