About Us

Established in July 1st, 1999, Society travel as a travel agency is fully dedicated to bring out the best value in our clients by providing and arranging finest travel companionship. We ourselves are passionate about travelling therefore we want all travel enthusiasts to feel the same. Our company’s goal is to take you to places you want to visit with comfort, safety and of course a smile all the way with every bit of information you need to know about the site.
Being in travel industry for more than two decades, we are one of the most consistent, reputed and experienced travel agency in the country. We are approved by Government of Nepal, Nepal Tourism Board (NTB), Ministry of Tourism and Civil Aviation of Nepal and are actively working with them and other organization as well. We are able to maintain and constantly improve our service which is reflected by our customer satisfaction testimonies. We are also awarded with “Best Seller Award” by multiple airlines corporation.

Located in Hattisar Kathmandu, Society Travels offers wide range of services not only confining basic travel and trekking services but also including various inbound and outbound travel packages. In detail, we offer services of trekking, tour, hiking, jeep ride, sightseeing, etc. inside the country and also offer vacation and holiday packages to countries like Egypt, Indonesia, Dubai and many more. Moreover, we also provide services regarding logistics and freight management via air and sea, ticketing in national and international airlines and car rental as well.

Keeping things short and taking everything into account as well, We, Society Travel as a travel agency believe that we can and we will deliver the best of the services to our travelling mates that choose us as their travelling buddy or guide. We ensure your safety, health, enjoyment and most importantly your budget throughout the journey and will always provide assistance in any kind of uncertainty.





Our Services

Society Travels is a company offering customers with widespread variety of services. Some of the basic services are mentioned below:



Our company provides flight booking and ticketing facilities throughout the nation and also to most places around the globe.
1. National
2. International



The tour packages will offer consists of all sorts of touring like jeep tour, trekking, hiking, sightseeing and further more. Some of the tour packages in and out of the country are discussed below.
1. Inbound Packages
2. Outbound Packages

Visa Processing

Visa Processing

Society Travels also provides services related to visa processing. It helps you to get your visa approved by instructing and guiding you through different procedures. From assembling required documents to getting you visa approved, Society Travel will you to undergo each and every step carefully.



We also provide different travel packages, trekking facilities, tour guides, transportation facilities, travel counselling and guiding, freight management and car rental as well.

Travelling Tips

Choose your outfit wisely

While travelling or trekking in specific, the outfit we choose to wear becomes a huge deal during our run time. The amount of comfort and security the clothes you wear deliver is a thing that should not be compromised at all. The footwear must be comfortable and strong and the clothes should be able to protect you from varying weather changes either cold, hot, rainy, humid, etc.

Know about the place

By “know the place” we mean not only that we should know about the destination but also we need to have information about the entire route to the destination and back home. We should know about the people, language they speak, foods they eat, their culture, the topography and many more.


Every traveler should carry a first kid including basic medicines and bandages. While travelling minor cuts, bruises, cramps, allergies can be hurtful and harmful. Furthermore, altitude sickness in higher altitudes is also common. Hence, we should carry medicines just in case of need. Body creams, moisturizer, sunscreen are also highly recommended.

Travel Insurance

Travelling is a pleasure but there are numerous factors that may lead to uncertainties thus canceling the trip. The insurance also helps travelers if some unforeseen illness or injury occurs on vacation or trip. Being prepared and backed up the insurance is always a good option and helps travelers to feel more secure.